Quentin Tavern


Winey Wednesday


Blended Red Apothic Red • California
Apothic Red reveals intense fruit aromas and flavors of rhubarb and black cherry, complimented by hints of mocha, chocolate, brown spice and vanilla.
Bottle $21 | Glass $7
Pinot Noir Trinity Oaks • California
Bright strawberry and black cherry flavors with hints of green tea and mint.
Bottle $21 | Glass $7
Cabernet Sauvignon Smoking Loon • California
Aromas of blackberries and violets, followed by hints of mocha. Flavors of raspberry, currants, and bittersweet chocolate are backed by spicy, black pepper notes. This medium-bodied wine has a nice, dry finish.
Bottle $21 | Glass $7
Eppa Sangria
Fruity and inviting, with distinct notes characteristic of the ripe fruit juices used in its creation.
Bottle $21 | Glass $7
Ghost Pines | California
A bold and intensely rich flavored wine which showcases the elegant flavor characters that come from the best growing regions in California.
Bottle $32 | Glass $8


Pinoit Grigio - Ecco Domani • Italy
J. Lohr Riesling • Monterey, California
Chardonnay - William Hill • California
Bottle $21 | Glass $7

House Wines

Chardonnay | Bianco | Cabernet | Merlot | Lambrusco | White Zinfandel | Red Moscato | Sauvignon Blanc • Glass $4
LaMarca Prosecco
Champagne Splits