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QT's Perfect Pasta

QT's Homemade Mac N' Cheese
The cheesiest homemade sauced radiatori pasta in town.
Elder Mac N' Cheese
Slow cooked pulled pork, diced tomato and scallions.
Crab and Bacon Mac N Cheese*
Tender moist crab meat and crisp bacon crumbles.
Linguini & Meatballs
Comfort food at its best! Small: half 8 oz. meatball 12.99. Large 8 oz. meatball 16.99.
Sm. 12.99 | Lg. 16.99
Absolute Seafood
Jumbo shrimp and tender crab cake blend, quickly sautéed together in garlic butter finished with vodka cream sauce. All tossed in linguini pasta.
Sm. 16.99 | Lg. 20.99
Comfortably Stung Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp, tossed with sautéed onions and bell peppers in a slightly spicy Southern Comfort cream sauce, tossed with linguini pasta.
Small 16.99 | Large 20.99
Chicken Parm
Garlic buttered linguini and marinara, topped with a hand breaded pan fried chicken breast, marinara and mozzarella cheese.